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        Executive Summary
        Transsion Holding is a company dedicated to providing mobile communication products with local characteristics for emerging markets. Its mobile phone brands include Tecno, itel and infinix. Currently, Transsion Holding is considering entering the Indian market to expand its market.
        TRANSSION是一家致力于為全球新興市場提供具備當地特色的移動通信產品以及 移動互聯網服務的公司。TRANSSION旗下擁有領先的手機品牌TECNO、itel和Infinix。目前,TRANSSION正在考慮進入印度市場,以擴張它的市場版圖。

        The consumer research system of Transsion Holding is constantly improving, and the offline channel network management and after-sales service system are constantly upgrading. The obvious price advantage creates a great opportunity for Transsion Holding to enter the Indian market.
        The main target of Transsion Holding entering the mobile phone market in India is to achieve 20% market share in three years. The main target market for Transsion Holding is the general social class in India.

        Through the implementation of localization strategy and the use of social media to maintain user relations, Transsion Holding is committed to improving brand reputation.

        1.    Situation Analysis
        1.1  The External Environment
        In India, Chinese brands dominate the key price range market for mobile phones. MI, OPPO, VIVO and Huawei Honor occupy 80% market share of key markets in India with the price range of 700RMB to 2500RMB (Zhang 2019). The market capacity of low-end smart machines is large and there are many brands. However, because the price growth space in this area is very small, most brands will pursue price rising after entering the market successfully. For example, OPPO and VIVO began to control the product price above 1000RMB in 2017, and by 2018, they will no longer basically sell models below 1000RMB. However, Tecno, the mobile phone brand of Transsion Holding , whose main price range is from 600RMB to 1300RMB, can enter the market at the time node when OPPO and VIVO withdraw from this price range to seize market share (Zhang 2019). This also means that there are relatively fewer similar and strong competitors of Transsion Holding entering the Indian market.#p#分頁標題#e#
         在印度,中國品牌占據了手機關鍵的價格區間市場。小米,OPPO,VIVO和華為榮耀以700RMB到2500RMB這一價格區間占據了印度關鍵市場80%的市場份額。低端智能機市場容量大,品牌眾多,但由于這一區間的價格增長空間非常小,大部分品牌在成功進入市場后會追求價格上浮。如OPPO和VIVO在2017年開始把產品價格控制在1000RMB以上,到2018年已經基本不再銷售1000RMB以下機型。而TRANSSION TECNO主打的價格區間在600RMB到1300RMB,正好可以在OPPO,VIVO撤離此價格區間的時間節點進入市場搶占市場份額。這也意味著TRANSSION進入印度市場的同類強勁競爭對手相對減少。
        1.2     The Customer Environment
        Transsion Holding enters the mobile phone market in India with the goal of low price. At present, its customers are the lowest class in India. Their income level is low and their consumption ability is not high. Therefore, they hope to obtain high-quality products at a lower price. Generally speaking, the buyer of mobile phone is the user, and the user's feelings will directly affect whether to buy or recommend others to buy.

        In India, consumers buy mobile phones mainly through offline retail stores and e-commerce platforms. The main e-commerce platforms are flipkart Amazon and snapdeal, which purchase mobile phones directly from distributors, avoiding the cost superposition of multiple distributors. Generally, online channels will rush to buy in limited time, and the price is lower than that of physical stores. Offline stores are convenient for consumers to experience and purchase.
        1.3  Internal (Organizational) Environment
        Review of marketing goals and objectives
        At present, Transsion Holding needs to copy its success in the African mobile phone market to the Indian market, that is to say, it needs to provide Indian consumers with low-cost and high-quality products. This is the continuous development of the mission of transsio, which is committed to providing low-cost but local mobile communication products for emerging market countries. At the same time, Transsion Holding attaches great importance to the use experience of local consumers, and designs products that conform to local characteristics for consumers through continuous user research. Moreover, with the improvement of consumption level in India, consumers are more willing to choose higher quality service and product experience, which is in line with transsio's current marketing plan. In 2018, Transsion Holding took the first place in Africa's mobile phone market share and has become a well-known mobile phone brand in Africa (Zhang 2019). However, in the highly competitive mobile phone market in India, it is relatively late for Transsion Holding to enter the Indian market, and it will take a certain time for it to gain a high reputation. However, products with local characteristics will definitely be welcomed by consumers and occupy the market share of competitors. It is expected that Transsion Holding will gain 10% market share in the first year.#p#分頁標題#e#
        2.    SWOT Analysis
        3.    Marketing Goals and Objectives.
        3.1  Marketing Goal A
        Within three years of its entry into the mobile phone market in India, Transsion Holding has occupied 20% of the mobile phone market. And more than 80 consumers know the brand of transmission.


        4.    Marketing Strategies
        4.1  Primary Target Market and Marketing Mix
        Primary Target Market
        The product of Transsion Holding belongs to the product positioning of low-end smart phones, and its market segment belongs to the middle and low-end market. India is the target market of this transmission, mainly considering its relatively low penetration of mobile phones and its huge market space. The market orientation of Transsion Holding is mainly differentiation. By targeting the needs of local consumers, it establishes brand differentiation, including product, appearance and service differentiation.
        Differentiation in user experience
        Transsion Holding needs to use systematic user research before entering the Indian market to tap the potential needs of target customers in the target market. India's power infrastructure is very backward and its power resources are very unstable. To solve this problem, Transsion Holding can improve the charger to prevent charging difficulties caused by voltage instability. In addition, Transsion Holding can develop ultra long standby cell phone batteries, thus reducing the number of charges and further reducing the inconvenience of power facilities. India's hot weather throughout the year means that consumers prefer mobile phones that are not easy to heat up. For this reason, Transsion Holding can use a higher level of heat dissipation technology in the mobile phone to prevent the heating phenomenon during the operation of the mobile phone. In addition, for India's high temperature weather, Transsion Holding can continue to use its existing anti perspiration and anti falling technology. ,#p#分頁標題#e#

        Localization of product positioning
        In the wave of "made in India" national strategy, Transsion Holding should adhere to the concept of ‘global thinking, localized operation’. That is to say, Transsion Holding needs to set up a mobile phone assembly plant in India to realize a fully localized production line. And implement personnel localization, make full use of the advantages of Indians in management and Chinese team in product. This can not only deal with the national strategy of "made in India", but also close the psychological distance between Indian consumers and the Transsion Holding brand.
        在印度總理莫迪推行的“印度制造”國家戰略的浪潮下, TRANSSION要堅持“全球化思維,本地化經營”的理念。也就是說,TRANSSION要在印度建立手機組裝工廠,實現完全本地化的生產線。并且實行人員本地化,充分運用印度人在管理上的優勢和中方團隊在產品上的優勢。這不僅可以應對“印度制造”的國家戰略,還可以拉近印度消費者與TRANSSION品牌之間的心理距離。

        With the shortening of smartphone life cycle, Transsion Holding should implement flexible price adjustment according to the product life cycle. During the product introduction period, the price is the highest price within the changeable range. In the growth period of the Transsion Holding smartphone, when competitors enter and consumers gradually understand the product, they can adjust the price appropriately by means of activity promotion or limited sales. In the mature period, in order to maintain market share, we should follow the same kind of mobile phones in the market to reduce prices to adapt to market competition. In the recession, with the emergence of new mobile phones, prices need to be adjusted to the lowest price within the scope of profitability.

        With the rapid development of Indian e-commerce platform, Transsion Holding can sell its smartphone products through cooperation with various e-commerce platforms. For example, new products can be jointly released with famous e-commerce platforms to improve the exposure rate. Secondly, with the increasing popularity of Transsion Holding in India, users can establish their own online sales platform, on which they can purchase all the products on sale of transmission.

        First of all, in the early stage of Transsion Holding entering the Indian market, wall painting marketing can be adopted. That is to say, the logo of Tecno, a brand of transmission, is painted on the wall, including the electric poles of road signs, billboards, convenience stores and other locations, so as to impress consumers. At the same time, famous Bollywood stars can also be invited to endorse the products of transmission, so as to improve the popularity of products and brands through star effect. Based on the rapid development of Internet in India, Transsion Holding can use new media for brand promotion. For example, through Twitter, Facebook and other social media to carry out advertising, increase the participation of consumers and potential users, and lay the foundation for giving full play to the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. The personal influence in the new product acceptance drivers means that the user's word-of-mouth has a decisive influence on whether the consumers accept the new product or not (Kotabe et al. 2014). And in Asian countries characterized by a high degree of collectivism, strong word-of-mouth communication makes the adoption rate of new products rise rapidly.

        Kotabe, M, Marshall, A, Ang, SH, Griffiths, K, Voola, R, Roberts, R & Helsen, K 2014, International Marketing, 4th edn, John Wiley, Sons Australia.
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