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        藝術學Assignment范文:Electronic music

        時間:2018-12-18 17:24:41 來源:www.aleyasingroup.com 作者:未知 點擊聯系客服: 客服:Damien
        The traditional music element, which is characterized by orchestra and symphonization, has occupied the leading position of music for a long time and made outstanding contributions to the development of film industry. With the progress of technology and the audience aesthetic standards improve, more and more challenged the expressive force of the traditional instrument, using the power of electronic music, can make whole music get richer expression. Hans zimmer as an excellent representative of this aspect, made beneficial exploration for the diversity of film music elements.
        Although purely from the point of view of music style, symphony anti-spheroidizing elements still Hans zimmer's music movie is the main technique of expression, but it was already broke through the symphony music express this single expression. In his works to try adding a different music element in the collocation of symphony music, forms, different styles of music elements merging in the film music, make symphony music got complement and expand in tone.
        All round the Hans zimmer's latest movie soundtrack, can be found in the traditional symphony style is given priority to work continuously reduce, instead of many new style good soundtrack. Predictably, Hans zimmer "novelty", in the field of film music at the completion of traditional music in the movie soundtrack while the dominance at the same time, also on the future development of film music has had a profound and positive influence.
        Among Hans zimmer's works, one of the most people in the form of relish, is to make the electronic music dazzle beautiful rhythm and the majestic momentum of symphony, form the sound texture sized, promote the development of the plot. Into electronic music element is not in the movie soundtrack Hans zimmer's original, but he is in the electronic music elements with traditional symphony music fusion using has made breakthrough progress. As early as at the beginning of the birth of electronic music, Hollywood has been using the precedent, but these use is limited to precast electronic sound source, or prefabricated tone sample CD for film music creation, and no further modification of electronic sound itself. Season in Hans MoDui application of electronic music, not only use after repeated debug electronic composite timbres, and compared with traditional orchestra merged to form a composite audio, as well as further pursuit of using electronic "symphony" personalized exploration for new timbre. Specifically, Hans ? season MoDui electronic music elements mainly embodied in the use of electronic synthetic sound, audio, digital processing and three specific symphony music electronic technique.
        Digitize the music material not only can effectively change the material properties of timbre, at the same time can also expand the dimensional feeling of original sound, so the material can bring film creation multi-dimensional image of music expression. Based on digital processing technique of rich and colorful music material timbre, Hans ? zimmer it is widely used in the creation of the film music, but also to the Hollywood music creation concept has important influence. Film "inception", for example, opening the seaview picture background music voice contains extremely rich content, which not only have electronic bedding, piano and unnatural floor heave, and at the same time the sound material has obvious traces of digital processing in tone color, so as to produce a sound characteristic of abstraction, to help the audience understand the picture content, rendering and visual language appropriate to the mysterious breath.
        Sound electronic performance is Hans zimmer electronic music element another important technique for the soundtrack. Due to the widespread use of symphony music in Hollywood movie soundtrack, the symphony of music expression to the maximum at the same time, also inevitably lead to music listening on the same side, causing the audience aesthetic fatigue. Given the traditional symphony music cannot meet the needs of the film music creation of reality, Hans zimmer's music material used in the digital processing means rich music color expressive force at the same time, also actively using electronic music creation concept, take the symphony music through the imitations of electronic music timbre, to present the tone, the characteristics of the electronic sound effects to create more expressive. Still in film "inception," for example, in which the hero fled the scene after completing the task, the background music used brass tone symphony music electronic set of technique of expression, the tone with a strong sense of particles and the powerful, compared with the digitized music material, not only dynamic, powerful bass area played at the same time, can make the audience is very acute sense of hearing feeling, the protagonist ready to flee when the environment and the psychological tension performance incisively and vividly.#p#分頁標題#e#
        As early as the end of last century, Hans zimmer is conducted on the use of electronic synthetic sound a lot of helpful exploration, and the electronic music element of its traditional symphony music mutual fusion form unique music style, has a far-reaching influence on Hollywood film music creation. Take batman: the rise of the dark knight as an example. When the villain Sean appears, music USES arpeggios and symphonic music in the background. The overlapping and blending of the two tones can produce a strong rhythmic movement, giving full play to the important role of the film soundtrack to foil the tension.
        Anyhow, Hans zimmer divergent in "electronic music elements" into account creation concept, greatly enrich the expression of film music, and by the strong shock to traditional symphony music dominant position, for the film music creation provides valuable practical basis and creative thinking.
        In early Hollywood movies, popular music elements are not uncommon, but they are not closely combined with other music elements. Although it has made some contributions in enriching the content of the film music, it has not had a fundamental impact on the main status of the symphonic music. In the Hans zimmer's music works, already with other elements of music, especially pop music elements symphony music fully fusion. Although the film music is not the music element as the "representative" in the works of Hans zimmer technique, but pop music elements join and the diversification of timbre, or to the traditional symphony music sound timbre produced profound effect.
        First of all, the popular drums sound into the soundtrack is Hans zimmer application of the most important representatives of pop music elements. Although Hans zimmer not soundtrack field application of popular drum sound set of original and unique user, but Hans zimmer with distinctive characteristics, shows the unique talent and insight in the field of film music. Unlike other composers, he did not apply the popular drum tones independently to the film soundtrack, but to the symphony. In addition, this kind of fusion is reflected in the drums sound performance for pop music out of regular rhythm type, and show the drums sound of dominant position, and become the Hans season MoDui drums sound use of important characteristics. To film rolls as an example, based on the expression of the plot and characters, Hans zimmer grand background music for creation of the film, in make full use of the orchestra to shape the grand finale at the same time, also with a vivid cadence, powerful pop drums sound, strong sense of hearing to the audience. In popular drums sound rhythm is rising even as the center and give the picture into the rhythm of the continuous power, make the combination of music and film structure and the plot more closely, interactive effects.
        Hans season MoDui pop music elements in addition to the popular application of drums sound, but also in action movies on a large number of applications of acoustic guitar sound. Acoustic guitar with wooden guitar on the body structure is very similar, but the acoustic structure is different, especially acoustic guitars can change through the effect instrument timbre moments, so on the timbre is rich than traditional guitar a lot. Hans MoDui season on the application of the acoustic guitar, rarely used in routine in pop music sound, and the main supporting instrument USES the rhythmic and harmonic, and try to make it into the symphony in the music. In the film "black hawk down", for example, in order to highlight the grand war scenes, the film's soundtrack in large-scale symphony orchestra at the same time, also added in the soundtrack acoustic guitar sound, through the effective combination of the two tone, to enhance the image of music expression. Electric guitar tone throughout various scenes of the film, such as the beginning, the lens by exotic scenery into us helicopter, added in the grand symphony timbre distortion acoustic guitar sound. In addition, in the Hans zimmer and often USES the mixed with electric guitar sound of guitar sound distortion. Describe military convoy attack scenario, for example, the music is used in the distortion of the weak tone, the tone is relatively gentle and has clearer sound grainy, is more suitable for the movie scene music expression. In a word, the combination of electric guitar sound and symphonic music can help to enrich the emotional expression of symphonic music and make the music of the film more dramatic. Hans season MoDui acoustic guitar sound use of innovation, opened up a pop music elements and traditional music elements fusion new areas of application, and therefore become a mock object of many film composer.#p#分頁標題#e#
        The film soundtrack not only has its inherent law, but also is deeply influenced by regional factors. Even with the same film picture, composers from different regions have different choices of music techniques, and the application of ethnic music elements is one of the important manifestations of this difference. On the other hand, due to national music element is different areas of people in the music aesthetic pursuit, and even a reflection of cultural background, cultural landscape, natural landscape, therefore score effective participation in national music elements, is passing the picture describes geographic and humanistic characteristics of important ways. In order to expand its influence in the world, Hollywood films are also absorbing the themes of other countries, which makes music more frequently used for national folk instruments. However, its importance in the music is not comparable to that of symphonic music. In fact, it can only be used as an ornament of traditional symphonic music.
        Hans zimmer is a foreign national style element applications have made a breakthrough of the composer, in the national music elements application way and the integration with other music elements than their predecessors are quite different. First of all, for laminating film described regional atmosphere, Hans zimmer in score a lot of use of the local ethnic Musical Instruments, and try to merge with the height of the other music elements, even for the expression of film needs, can make the national musical instrument main melody voices. Secondly, in the movie soundtrack, Hans zimmer often use ethnic Musical Instruments to replace parts in a symphony orchestra, so as to create a highly personalized features sound experience. Hans zimmer national elements using the technique in the music creation, not only make the music play the basic function of the soundtrack, fully demonstrates the regional culture background of the film, at the same time also make music on integral expression breaks through the traditional dominance of symphony, this is also the national music elements and symphony music mutual fusion, and the root cause of the stand out.
        Kung fu panda is a famous Hollywood animation film. The hero and background of the story have strong Chinese cultural characteristics. In the process of the film creation but also in the frame design is a large number of the application of traditional Chinese elements, such as natural environment and ancient buildings with Chinese characteristics, China's traditional customs and traditional clothing. Due to the limited Chinese cultural characteristics of the story and picture, it is obvious that a large number of Chinese ethnic music elements need to be applied in the soundtrack. In order to achieve the above purpose, Hans zimmer is not only a large number of ethnic Musical Instruments, in order to further reflect Chinese cultural characteristics at the same time, also to ethnic percussion replace symphony instruments, make the Chinese national Musical Instruments can be integrated with the symphony is full of the film.#p#分頁標題#e#
        Though limited by space, the article mainly focuses on the theoretical explanation, and the analysis of the Hans zimmer's music works is not enough in-depth and meticulous, but still can see Hans zimmer soundtrack means of diversification on the disintegration of traditional films and Hollywood. First, Hans zimmer through traditional symphony music and other music elements, especially fully excavate potential relationship between electronic music elements, for these elements of music and symphony music integration has made the beneficial exploration, and the fusion has become an important symbol of its music style, and ushered in the era of movie symphony music development trend. Second, Hans zimmer through into the pop music elements in traditional symphony music properly, not only enrich the symphony in the tone of expression and ascension, the resulting compound sound seismic also brings remarkable auditory experience. Finally, rely on the timbre replacement and the fusion of different music elements, make national elements get a large number of use, broke through the subject status of the symphony music, film music nationalization performance is more outstanding. In short, although Hans zimmer and not turning symphony music dominance in the Hollywood movie soundtracks, but through the fusion of symphony music and other kinds of music elements and application of film music reflects more "alternative" music color. These influences will unceasingly eliminate the dominant position of the symphonic music and make the film soundtrack present an increasingly diversified aesthetic performance.


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